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  • Diamond Bath Bomb - Jasmine
  • Diamond Bath Bomb - Jasmine
    BRAND: Kheper games  |  SKU: 7849-30

    Fragrance: Jasmine
    Flavor: Jasmine
    Height: 5.250
    Length: 4.300
    Diameter: 2.500
    These diamond-shaped bath bombs are perfect for a soothing soak in the tub. The jasmine scent relaxes the senses while producing an airy light foam. The silver glittering bombs are perfect for bri...

  • $6.00

  • Fizzing Bath Tints Bath Bombs - Pack of 12
  • Fizzing Bath Tints Bath Bombs - Pack Of 12
    BRAND: Kheper games  |  SKU: 6036-04

    Height: 5.250
    Length: 2.750
    Diameter: 0.600
    From Kheper Games. Enjoy wildflower scented bath bombs with your partner. The fizzing bombs tint bath water instantly giving off romantic vibes without staining the tub! Use 1 - 3 bath bombs per use depending on the desired intensity. Bath b...

  • $4.50

  • Kama Sutra Treasures of the Sea
  • Kama Sutra Treasures Of The Sea
    BRAND: Kama Sutra  |  SKU: 7378

    Height: 4.000
    Length: 5.500
    Diameter: 4.000
    Create a frothy bubble bath with this blend of nature's most precious gifts - vitamins, minerals and nutrients from the sea. Treasures of the Sea leaves your skin feeling soft, your body nourished and your soul reawakened. Complete with a re...

  • $23.99

  • Multi Color Bath Bombs - Lavender Pack of 3
  • Multi Color Bath Bombs - Lavender Pack Of 3
    BRAND: Kheper games  |  SKU: 6036-05

    Fragrance: Lavender
    Flavor: Lavender
    Height: 2.650
    Length: 7.125
    Diameter: 2.650
    Immerse yourself in a relaxing soak with these lavender scented bath bombs. The multi-colored bombs come in sets of 3 and dissolve in calming hues of purple, pink, and blue. They also produce a ...

  • $11.25

  • Sexy Surprise Bath Bomb
  • Sexy Surprise Bath Bomb
    BRAND: Kheper games  |  SKU: 6036-02

    Height: 3.800
    Length: 3.625
    Diameter: 1.850
    This heart shaped bath bomb dissolves slowly in water to seductively reveal a hidden vibrating toy. This arousing bath bomb is perfect for couples to further explore their sexual desires or for her pleasure alone. Package includes 1 pink str...

  • $9.75

  • Wine Scented Bath Bombs - Pack of 8
  • Wine Scented Bath Bombs - Pack Of 8
    BRAND: Kheper games  |  SKU: 6036-03

    Height: 7.000
    Length: 3.000
    Diameter: 3.000
    From Kheper Games. A set of sweet smelling wine-scented bath bombs packaged in a wine glass. Immerse yourself in the experience by enjoying a glass of your favorite beverage with a dip in the tub. Choose from one of three intoxicating scents...

  • $12.75

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